The Democracy Research Institute Considers That the Use of Disproportionate Measures by the Government was Illegal
The Democracy Research Institute reflects on the mobilization of the disproportionately large amount of the Ministry of Internal Affairs’ riot police in the area surrounding the Parliament Building and states that despite formal legal basis, which prohibits the blocking of access to the buildings, the force used by the Ministry of Internal Affairs, such as - water cannons, tear gas, administrative arrest of the demonstrators were disproportionate and illegal, considering the circumstances such as - non-violent character of the assembly and the number of protesters.

The Democracy Research Institute calls on the authorities to:
  • Be particularly cautious in their statements about the use of force towards demonstration, as it is perceived as a direct incitement of the usage of disproportionate force;
  • Take immediate actions to defuse the situation and bring it within the constitutional framework;
Opposition political spectre:
  • To act with a high sense of public responsibility and refrain from calls to illegal actions that can escalate the situation.