In 2023, "Conservative Movement/Alt-Info" Is the Party with the Most Donors

On November 20, 2021, the day of its foundation, the leaders of the violent political group "Conservative Movement/Alt-Info" openly declared that their goal is to change Georgia's pro-Western foreign vector to a pro-Russian one and, if necessary, to place Russian military bases on Georgian territory. The radical visions of the group representatives are openly declared in the charter, where the goals of the "Conservative Movement" are defined as "prohibition of external interference" in Georgian media and education along with maximum control of foreign-funded organizations at the legislative level.

The leaders of the "Conservative Movement" have openly stated that they aim to participate in the 2024 parliamentary elections. In their joint speech, they  mention that active political topics for the country cannot be determined without the involvement of the "Conservative Movement" and "by 2024, the "Conservative Movement" will be the force that will resolve many issues for the country." Given the violent group's overtly pro-Kremlin goals and radical views, the Democracy Research Institute considers it important to continue monitoring the "Conservative Movement/Alt-Info" funding sources, political transformations, and action agendas ahead of the 2024 parliamentary elections.

With 27 donors from January 2023 to March 2023, Conservative Movement/Alt-Info has had the most donor of any opposition or governing party.

„Conservative Movement/Alt-Info“ 27 Donors
„European Georgia“ 17 Donors
„Lelo for Georgia“ 12 Donors
„Georgian Dream“ 8 Donors
“National Movement” 7 Donors

As for the actual amount of donated money, from January to March 2023, the "Conservative Movement/Alt-Info" received 24,684 GEL. It ranks fourth in terms of the amount of money received.

„Georgian Dream“ 300.000 GEL
„Lelo for Georgia“ 222.000 GEL
„European Georgia“ 78.197 GEL 
„Conservative Movement/Alt-Info“ 24.684 GEL
“National Movement” 7,650 GEL

Since its foundation, the amount officially donated to the "Conservative Movement" has exceeded 500,000 GEL. In total, the party received 585 donations from 102 individuals; 25 out of 102 individual donors are heads of the regional office of the group. Most of the donors have no real estate registered in the public register.

It’s noteworthy that during 2022, the donors of the "Conservative Movement" donated the amount in the middle of each month. The Democracy Research Institute has written about it. However, in 2023, the dynamic changed. Now the donors give money to the party on different days.

The Democracy Research Institute has previously written about the major donors of the “Conservative Movement/Alt-Info”. Currently, the biggest donor is Kakhaber Elizbarashvili. The total amount donated by him to the party is 41,745 GEL. Among the biggest donors of the party, Elizbarashvili is the only one who owns real estate. He is also the owner of a 50% share of "Dabo LLC.” The second biggest donor is Zurab Kobakhidze. The amount of money donated by him is 41.143 GEL. Goga Tukhareli takes third place.

In 2022, "Conservative Movement/Alt-Info" opened 64 offices in different regions of Georgia. However, in August 2022, it became known that the group had closed[1] up to 10 offices. According to the leader of the “Conservative Movement/Alt-Info” Konstantine Morgoshia,  financial problems were the reason for closing the offices.

[1] Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty, March 10, 2022, "Conservative Movement" is closing up to 10 offices - Does "Alt-Info" Have a Financial Problem?