Georgian Government has been working without human rights strategy for two years

For the second year in a row, the Government of Georgia has been working without a document of human rights strategy, which makes any human rights activity carried out by public institutions fragmented and uncoordinated.

Evaluation of draft Counter-Terrorism Strategy
DRI reviewed the draft Counter-Terrorism Strategy of the State Security Service for 2022-2026 and sent its assessments, opinions and recommendations to the State Security Service and the Government of Georgia before the approval of the document. 
DRI responds to persecution of opposition candidates by Government on political grounds in Dmanisi
On December 9, representatives of DRI met with a number of people in Dmanisi to verify the reports about the alleged pressure on Ramiz Ramazanov, a majoritarian MP who entered the Dmanisi City Council with the support of the United National Movement
DRI holds meeting on investigative activities of the State Security Service

On December 7, the Democracy Research Institute (DRI) held a working meeting on "Investigative Functions of the State Security Service and Distribution of Criminal Cases among Investigative Bodies."

DRI: The identity of the head of the Anti-Corruption Agency is unknown to the public and his declaration is classified

The identities of the head of the Anti-Corruption Agency of the State Security Service and his/her deputy/deputies are unknown. Even their asset declarations are classified.

DRI intends to check the work expertise of the Georgian Dream mayoral candidates
The attention of the DRI was drawn by the Main Accents TV story aired on September 12, according to which, the mayoral candidates nominated by the Georgian Dream party had held high positions in the law enforcement agencies in the past. 
DRI: Illegal wiretapping and surveillance pose a serious threat to the development of the country
The Democracy Research Institute responds to the TV stories aired by TV Pirveli on September 12, according to which, the State Security Service exercises total control over public servants.
Which agency investigates the most corruption crimes?
The number of corruption-related cases investigated by the Prosecutor General's Office far exceeds the number of cases investigated by the Anti-Corruption Agency of the State Security Service. 
DRI: State Security Service refuses to disclose the list of agencies where it has the so-called Odeers

Democracy Research Institute, in accordance with the rules established by the General Administrative Code, addressed Grigol Liluashvili, Head of the agency, with an administrative complaint.

DRI begins to study the impact of “ODRs” on public and private institutions

The Democracy Research Institute (DRI) continues to monitor the activities of the State Security Service. Among other things, the so-called “ODRs’ (from Russian: офицер действующего резерва. In English: Active Reserve Officer) are the focus of the DRI attention.