Peaceful Demonstration of IDP youth
IDP youth held a peaceful demonstration due to the four-month isolation of Akhalgori.
DRI - The Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation has Started Census in Akhalgori
Occupation forces in Akhalgori have stated the census of the remaining population in the region.
DRI - Government Should Develop Additional Support Programs for Citizens Living in the Occupied Regions
The Democracy Research Institute (DRI) believes that it is necessary to develop additional mechanisms to support people living in the occupied regions.
It is necessary to make a list of humanitarian workers, who would be able to work safely in the conflict regions
The illegal detention of Vazha Gaprindashvili in the occupied region has shown that it is necessary to create an additional mechanism that would be agreed with all parties to the conflict and would ensure the safe movement of humanitarian workers.
The Condition of the Citizen Injured in Akhalgori is Critical
According to the unofficial information DRI was provided with, the condition of T.G. who fell into the several-meter deep well on November 3 in Akhalgori is critical.
The Democracy Research Institute calls on the authorities to do their utmost, including using the assistance of international partners to transport the injured T.G. to Georgian-controlled territory.
Another person’s life is in danger in Akhalgori

According to DRI’s information, at the moment, N.G., resident of village Ikoti has been transferred to Akhalgori hospital, most likely with the acute coronary syndrome. Relatives are demanding the transfer of the patient to the Georgian-controlled territory.


Restrictions on the Movement Might Have Another Casualty

One more person has died due to the closure of Akhalgori district checkpoint.

The body was taken to Tskhinvali for examination to determine the cause of death.


Democracy Research Institute Addresses Government with Recommendation to Assist Isolated Population of Akhalgori District
The closure of a checkpoint in Akhalgori district by the de facto authorities in September left locals without vital services.
Democracy Research Institute Responds to the Crisis Created by the Closure of the So-called Administrative Border
The closure of a checkpoint in the village of Mosabruni (so-called Razdakhani) in Akhalgori district by the de facto authorities in September left locals without vital services. The Democracy Research Institute calls on the authorities to take effective steps to resolve the situation.
NGOs demand lodging of an inter-state application before the European Court against Russia over the case of Tatunashvili
The below signatory organizations urge the Government of Georgia to avail itself of the legal mechanism envisaged by the European Convention on Human Rights – the inter-state application – in connection to gross violations of human rights by Russia in the occupied territories of Georgia.