Will the de facto authorities of Abkhazia start large-scale privatization?
According to the Democracy Research Institute, large-scale privatization is already openly being discussed in Abkhazia. The latter involves the alienation of both economic infrastructure facilities and real estate to Russian businesses and Russian citizens.
Training for activists from conflict-affected regions

On November 3-7, the Democracy Research Institute conducted security and advocacy planning/implementation training for civil activists and youth from the conflict-affected regions.

In the captivity of elections: Gali population between Tbilisi and Sokhumi
Tensions were high on both sides of the Enguri Bridge during the pre-election period. This tension became especially alarming during the second round of elections. 
Epidemic situation gets extremely difficult in Tskhinvali – The region needs humanitarian aid
It has been a year and eight months since the communication and movement between Tskhinvali and Tbilisi has been reduced to a historical minimum. The Democracy Research Institute (DRI) considers that the pandemic is being used by the de facto authorities to isolate the region from Tbilisi.
DRI recommendations to the participants in the Geneva talks
The 54th round of the Geneva Discussions will be held on October 12-13, 2021. The Democracy Research Institute (DRI) believes that it is important to bring the issues relating to human security and fundamental rights to the forefront during the negotiation process. 
KGB conducts search in the village of Midelaani in Akhalgori district
As far as the Democracy Research Institute is informed, on October 8, 2021, a resident of the mountainous village of Midelaani of Akhalgori municipality was detained for 48 hours without any grounds. 
DRI: All 116 villages along the dividing line should be granted special settlement status
The on-site study of the problems and needs of the local population of the villages located along the occupation line by the Democracy Research Institute made it clear that the local population suffer from severe socio-economic and infrastructural problems. 
Irakli Bebua to be released from illegal imprisonment in 2029
One year ago, on September 30, 2020, Georgian citizen Irakli Bebua was arrested for burning an Abkhazian flag in Gali.
DRI: Russification of Georgian-language schools continues in Akhalgori

On September 6, the schools of the Akhalgori district, which had been Georgian-language until 2017, started teaching in Russian in 1-8 grades. If the process continues in this way, schools will become fully Russian-language in 3 years.

24-year-old Anri Ateiba allegedly dies as a result of violence in Abkhazian isolator

On August 12, Anri Ateiba, born in 1996, was found unconscious in the temporary detention isolator of the de facto Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Gagra district. The young man died on September 14.