Monitoring results of the demonstration held in front of the parliament building on July 8, 2019
On July 8, 2019, DRI representatives observed the demonstration organised by the members of the ultranationalist far-right movement and Orthodox clergymen in front of the parliament building.
DRI Statement
Democracy Research Institute expresses its readiness to provide legal assistance to persons affected by hate crimes through representation in the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the Prosecutor's Office and the court.
Interview with Ucha Nanuashvili on June events
"In any case, it is necessary to have constitutional norms guaranteed and every citizen should enjoy the freedom of assembly and the rights granted by the law." - Ucha Nanuashvili, Director of DRI
June 14, 2019 demonstration monitoring results held in front of the State Chancellery
Representatives of the "Democracy Research Institute" have observed the June 14 events.
On request to declassify 2019-2021 action plan of ,,National Strategy of Georgia on Fight Against Terrorism’’
On May 29, 2019, Democracy Research Institute (DRI) addressed the Government of Georgia in writing, requesting 2019-2021 action plan of the National Strategy of Georgia on Fight Against Terrorism, implemented on January 23, 2019 by the Georgian Government.
Two years after the alleged abduction of Afgan Mukhtarli and investigation that is still not completed
Signatory organizations once again urge the investigative authorities of Georgia to take all the necessary measures for the effective investigation of Afgan Mukhtarli’s alleged abduction, reveal offenders and punish them.
Free Legal Consultation
If you believe that you have been a victim of a hate crime (threat, violence, prosecution, and other criminal offences based on your race, language, sex, sexual orientation, gender, religion or other intolerance), the DRI lawyer will provide you with free legal consultation.
May 17 Demonstration Monitoring Results
On May 17, 2019, DRI team members observed the demonstration in front of the Chancellery of the Government of Georgia. The demonstration was attended by the representatives of far-right groups.
Independent Lawyers Group publishes a draft parliament resolution on
Independent Lawyers Group publishes a draft parliament resolution on "Clan Governance" and addresses political parties, NGOs and international organizations to join the initiative by preparing remarks and their points of view.
NGOs on the escalation of the violence outside the Parliament Building
Non-governmental organizations respond to the arrest of Zaza Saralidze and believe that his actions were provoked by persistent and gross violations of human rights by the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia.