Sanctioned Partskhaladze - Traces of Russia’s spy agencies in Georgian politics
The imposition of sanctions on Otar Partskhaladze by the US Department of State on September 14, was followed by sharply negative remarks made by the representatives of the authorities, People's Power - Georgian Dream’s satellite political union, and far-right groups. 
DRI: The authorities’ response to the case of Otar Partskhaladze is incompatible with the principle of the rule of law

The authorities’ late response to the citizenship termination procedures relating to Otar Partskhaladze only after the protest once again proves the influence of Partskhaladze on the state institutions, which is incompatible with the fundamental principle of the rule of law.

DRI: NBG’s illegal order should be revoked immediately
The order of September 19, 2023 made the economic and financial sanctions of international financial institutions and partner countries ineffective in Georgia. 
Natia Bakhtadze's murder - femicide and alarming situation of women's rights in Abkhazia

DRI believes that the circumstances related to the murder of Natia Bakhtadze and the investigation of the murder clearly show the alarming situation in the direction of women's rights in Abkhazia.

The letter of the Georgian Civil Society to the Ambassador of the United States to Georgia
On behalf of the civil society of Georgia, we would like to convey our deepest gratitude for your tenure as the U.S. Ambassador to Georgia.
Abkhaz youth can get higher education abroad only in Russia
After the start of the war in Ukraine, according to the locals, the European educational space has been closed for Abkhazia. 
DRI: Protesters in Batumi are being illegally detained

The Democracy Research Institute condemns the illegal detentions of the participants in the peaceful protest ongoing in connection with the entry of the ASTORIA GRANDE cruise ship in the port of Batumi.

DRI: Getting 10-day "visas" to enter the territory of Abkhazia is twice more expensive for ethnic Georgians
Entry into and exit from the territory of occupied Abkhazia is regulated by the law adopted by the de facto parliament of Abkhazia in 2016. 
DRI: The controversial draft law gives Russian citizens the right to purchase real estate in Abkhazia

The sale of real estate and land to foreigners is still prohibited in Abkhazia. Prohibitions related to the purchase of property in Abkhazia for Russian citizens have repeatedly become a reason for the irritation of high-ranking Russian officials.

DRI – The violence by hate groups is incited by the authorities
The Pride Festival on July 8, 2023 make it clear that it was not the goal of the Ministry of Internal Affairs to protect the constitutionally guaranteed freedom of assembly or expression of the LGBT+ community.