The authorities encourage violent groups
DRI believes that Georgian Dream's emphatically loyal attitude towards hate groups, which was manifested in leaving many incidents of violence without responding, was once again made evident on July 17-18. 
New Security Architecture in Europe and its impact on Georgia - one year since European Perspective

Three organizations - "Civil Idea", "Democracy Research Institute" (DRI), and "Democracy Index - Georgia" held a conference “New Security Architecture in Europe and its impact on Georgia - one year since European Perspective”.

Russia continues full financing of Abkhazia’s state security service
 the Russian Federation will fully finance the salaries and pensions of the employees of the state security service of the republic of Abkhazia until January 2026.
Direct air traffic with Russia - financial benefits of pro-Kremlin groups
The first flight from Moscow to Tbilisi was performed by the Russian airline Azimuth, the director general of which is Pavel Ekzhanov. Ekzhanov and Azimuth are sanctioned by Ukraine.
DRI: Russian "soft power" is still active - social aid was brought to Gali villages from Krasnodar region

At the end of May 2023, social aid arrived in Gali from the Krasnodar region, which aims to increase the local population’s support to Russia.

DRI: Arresting participants in peaceful protests threatens democratic values

According to the publicly spread information, on June 2, in the vicinity of the Parliament of Georgia, several people were detained for making inscriptions on a poster.

Civil society responds to the statement made by the Prime Minister of Georgia
Civil society organizations condemn the statement made by the Prime Minister of Georgia, Irakli Gharibashvili, at GLOBSEC’s 2023 Bratislava Forum on May 30.
Compared to 2022, Official Donations to "Conservative Movement/Alt-Info" are Down
The Democracy Research Institute continues to monitor political activities and donors of the violent political group "Conservative Movement/Alt-Info".
Direct Flights to Russia - pro-Russian Focus of the Far-Right Wing
The direct flight of the Russian airline "Azimut" to Georgia on May 19, 2023,  was met with protests from the civil sector and positive responses from far-right groups. 
Muhajirism without Georgian Government’s political assessment
On May 21, our Abkhaz compatriots commemorate the tragic date of the beginning of the Muhajirism of Muslim Abkhazians. In 1867 more than fifty thousand Abkhazians left their homeland, who were forced by the Russian Empire to emigrate to Turkey.