DRI: Getting 10-day "visas" to enter the territory of Abkhazia is twice more expensive for ethnic Georgians
Entry into and exit from the territory of occupied Abkhazia is regulated by the law adopted by the de facto parliament of Abkhazia in 2016. 
DRI: The controversial draft law gives Russian citizens the right to purchase real estate in Abkhazia

The sale of real estate and land to foreigners is still prohibited in Abkhazia. Prohibitions related to the purchase of property in Abkhazia for Russian citizens have repeatedly become a reason for the irritation of high-ranking Russian officials.

DRI – The violence by hate groups is incited by the authorities
The Pride Festival on July 8, 2023 make it clear that it was not the goal of the Ministry of Internal Affairs to protect the constitutionally guaranteed freedom of assembly or expression of the LGBT+ community. 
DRI urges authorities to ensure security during Tbilisi Pride Week

The Democracy Research Institute calls on the authorities to immediately take preventive measures to ensure the safety of the participants in the Tbilisi Pride festival.

DRI: Akhalgori residents appeal to the authorities to cancel the new rule imposing additional barriers on freedom of movement
The residents of Akhalgori are allowed to move to the territory controlled by the central government only for 10 days a month. 
DRI: Tskhinvali security service searches Akhalgori schools
On June 13, the so-called security service of Tskhinvali conducted a search in Akhalgori municipality schools. According to the information obtained by the Democracy Research Institute, documents and textbooks were seized.
Imposing a fine on Grigoriadis contradicts the practice established by the Court of Appeal and represents interference with freedom of expression
Restrictions on freedom of expression of this scale, accompanied by detentions and high monetary fines, will surely become a tool for repressing critical opinion.
Russian propaganda is gaining strength in Gali
The Democracy Research Institute wrote earlier that Russian propaganda and the process of ideologically winning the ethnically Georgian population over had entered a new phase in Abkhazia.
Parliamentary oversight of security institutions is flawed

On June 22, the Democracy Research Institute held a working meeting – “Parliamentary Control over the Security Sector”.

Protection of the labour rights of miners is the responsibility of the Georgian authorities
Today, at 4:00 pm, a rally of Chiatura miners will be held near the Parliament of Georgia. Today's rally is a continuation of the 2-week protests of the miners, which had been going on in Chiatura so far.