31 years have passed since the tragedy of Dzari
May 20, the Ossetian people recall the most horrific date of the 1991-1992 Georgian-Ossetian conflict. 
DRI calls on the authorities to release the protestors detained at Tbilisi airport as soon as possible

DRI echoes the arrest of the participants in the protest rally held at Tbilisi Airport and calls on the authorities not to use repressive police measures towards the peaceful civil protest expressed against the growing influence of the occupying country.

DRI: The amendments planned to be made to the Election Code cast doubt on the Government's intention to fulfill the 12 priorities in good faith

The Parliament of Georgia supported the draft law initiated by the ruling party on making amendments to the Election Code in one reading, which changes the procedure for electing the chairman and members of the Central Election Commission.

Rights situation of LGBTQ+ persons in Abkhazia
There is a prevailing opinion in the Abkhaz society that representatives of the queer community do not exist in the region. As a result, the majority of the LGBTQ+ community, fearing that they might be killed on the street because of their orientation.
DRI appeals against the refusal of the Ministry of Internal Affairs to provide information related to the March 7-8 protests
The Democracy Research Institute believes that the refusal of the Ministry of Internal Affairs to provide public information violates the Constitution of Georgia and the applicable legislation, which guarantees access to public information..
“Georgian Dream’s” Rhetoric is in Agreement with Pro-Russian Groups
On May 10, 2023, the President of Russia Vladimir Putin issued a decree canceling the visa regime and the ban on direct flights for Georgian citizens from May 15. 
DRI: The annexation of Abkhazia will be further strengthened by the obligation to enforce the rulings of the courts of the Russian Federation
Abkhazia's de facto minister of justice Anri Bartsits signed an agreement on mutual recognition of court rulings on arbitration cases between Abkhazia and Russia. 
Political Homophobia of Far-Right Groups and "Georgian Dream"

The rhetoric, which appeals to religious and national sentiments, is in full alignment with the main messages of the openly pro-Russian far-right forces operating in Georgia.

Corruption in Gali – How much does freedom of movement and business cost?

It costs one hundred thousand rubles (about GEL 3,110) to falsify a document proving continuous residence in Gali.