DRI: სასამართლო გადაწყვეტილება რაჭის პროტესტის მონაწილეებთან დაკავშირებით მშვიდობიანი შეკრების უფლების დაცვის კუთხით პოზიტიურ პრეცედენტს წარმოადგენს
სასამართლომ ექვსი პირის მიმართ საქმის წარმოება შეწყვიტა, ხოლო ორი პირის მიმართ სიტყვიერი შენიშვნით შემოიფარგლა. 
DRI: Russia is de facto using Abkhazia's energy crisis to annex strategic facilities
An energy crisis has started in Abkhazia. As winter is approaching, the Russian Federation has demanded payment for the electricity supplied to the de facto authorities of Abkhazia. 
DRI: The authorities are illegally restricting the freedom of assembly and expression of the partcipants in the Racha protests
DRI considers that the authorities, from the very the beginning of the protests, used disproportionate force against peaceful protesters, who have not resorted to violence at any stage of the protests.
DRI: 1135 days of Irakli Bebua’s illegal imprisonment

The Democracy Research Institute considers that the efforts of the Georgian authorities to release Irakli Bebua, who is illegally imprisoned in Abkhazia, are ineffective and insufficient.

The authorities’ ineffective response to another victim of the Russian occupation is striking
The Russian occupation has another victim - representatives of the Russian occupation forces shot dead Tamaz Ginturi, a resident of the village of Kirbali. 
Appeal of Georgian non-governmental organizations to the European Commission
We, the undersigned Georgian NGOs, share a common mission: to safeguard and advocate for the interests of Georgian citizens and to promote and instill European democratic values in Georgia.
DRI condemns discrimination of political opponents by Georgian Dream on the ground of gender
Obscene and discriminatory statements made by the representatives of the parliamentary majority against female opposition MPs went beyond the scope of freedom of political speech and debate.
DRI: Vazha Pshavela Telavi State Theater allows openly pro-Russian, violent Alt-Info to use theater building for meeting

The openly pro-Russian violent group is preparing to participate in the parliamentary elections in 2024. The group is provided space for their meetings, inter alia, by the state-funded legal entities of public law.

New "feudals" of occupied South Ossetia
Georgian legislation does not apply to the territories occupied by Russia. However, the problem for the population of these regions is that even the laws adopted by the occupation regime act selectively.
DRI: The newly built buildings transferred to IDPs in Tskaltubo are in bad condition

On August 2, representatives of the Democracy Research Institute arrived in the town of Tskaltubo, where they visited a new IDP settlement on Abkhazeti Street.